We are Leaf Associates:

Leaf Associates is a Dubai based exponentially growing Accounting Services providing company. Our expert team of Chartered accountants, lawyers and consultants provides world class service solutions to all your business needs. Our professional services are timely and cost-efficient to support our clients of any size and volume. We have specialist solutions to meet the demands and needs of business and all through a single portal.

Leaf Associates at your service:

Leaf has experts in the field of tax advisory services and Value Added Tax (VAT). Our expertise and comprehensive knowledge in the domain have benefited us to give timely advises and reports to our clients, resulting in better planning for their businesses. We help budding entrepreneurs and start-ups have procured their office space, legal residence and business license in UAE through us. Not only we help our clients with legal and accounting works, we also provide market feasibility studies, by evaluating their project plan and giving needful advises.


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